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[小说] 【官方小说试翻译】绝地传承(Legacy of the Jedi)第二十二章











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Three blasts of a horn sounded as Obi-Wan and Anakin raced up the trail. They found Samish Kash lying a few meters off the main path. Villagers crowded around him, and a speeder arrived. Samish Kash was loaded onto it. Obi-Wan saw the blaster wound near his heart. He was a young man with curly dark hair, dressed in a plain tunic. As far as Obi-Wan could tell, he was unarmed.
警报长鸣了三声,欧比万与阿纳金沿着小路冲上山。在离主道几米远的地方,他们发现Samish Kash躺在地上,周围一群村民正在围观。一架飞船驶来,将Samish Kash的尸体抬了上去。欧比万看到爆能枪造成的伤口近及心脏——Samish Kash是个黑色卷发的年轻男子,穿着一身朴素的束腰宽外衣。据欧比万观察判断,他没带武器装备。

Lorian Nod stood by, his face full of sorrow. He acknowledged the Jedi with a glance, then leaped aboard the speeder that held the body of Kash.

Obi-Wan saw the young woman in green turn away. Her shoulders were shaking. The hunter with the impressive arsenal put a hand underneath her elbow.

"An aide to Samish Kash," one of the villagers whispered. "She found his body."
“那是Samish Kash的助手,”一个村民小声说道,“是她发现了尸体。”

Then we will most definitely need to talk to her, Obi-Wan thought. He watched the young woman and the hunter. Now his mind was clicking. They were arguing in a way that told him they were not strangers. Obi-Wan began to drift closer, hoping to overhear. But they kept moving away from the circle of villagers, the woman trying to get away from the hunter while still talking to him.

As she made an abrupt move to turn away, her hood fell back, and he saw that she had blond hair, braided tightly and coiled around her head. Then he caught a flash of wide blue eyes. The hunter spoke urgently in her ear.

"It's Floria and Dane," Obi-Wan said.

Anakin looked where Obi-Wan had indicated. "The brother and sister bounty hunters we met on Ragoon-6? How can you be sure? It was so long ago. "

"Look carefully."

Anakin studied them. "You're right. What are bounty hunters doing here?"

"Exactly what I'd like to find out."

The two Jedi moved quickly through the crowd. Floria and Dane had now moved well away from the commotion.

"If you had done what you were supposed to - " Dane was saying.

"So you're saying it's my fault?" Floria's voice was choked with anger and tears. "You always - "

"You never - " Dane stopped talking as Obi-Wan and Anakin walked up.

"I must confess I never expected to see you again," Obi-Wan said.

Floria and Dane stared at them for a long moment.

"Black holes and novas, it's the Jedi," Dane said. Now Obi-Wan could see his blue eyes, so much like Floria's. "What are you two doing here?"

"Which is exactly what I want to know about you two," Obi-Wan said, steering them farther away from the others, and underneath the trees. "Who are you hunting? Are you involved in the death of Samish Kash?"
“这也是我们想知道的,”欧比万说着,将他们带离人群,走到树下,“你们在追杀谁?是不是参与谋杀了Samish Kash?”

"No!" Dane exclaimed. "We're his bodyguards!"

"Obviously, you are doing an excellent job," Anakin said. Floria burst into tears.

"Bounty hunting was getting too dangerous," Dane said, handing his sister a cloth to wipe her tears. "There were so many of us out there that all honor was lost. Some were using truly cutthroat techniques."

"I've seen a few," Obi-Wan concurred.

"So we decided to become bodyguards. It's simpler. Samish Kash hired us a couple of months ago for protection. He didn't want the usual big goons or guard droids. He didn't want anyone to know. So Floria posed as an aide, and I just used disguises. Then this meeting was called. Samish told us to be especially careful. He's the glue that keeps the Station 88 Spaceport alliance together. Without him, it would fall apart. He's the one everyone trusts. So he thought if some group wanted to take over the spaceport, they'd go for him first." Dane looked distraught. "Then instead of staying in my sight, or Floria's, the way he promised, he disappeared. I followed, and.."
“所以我们决定改行当保镖,事情比你们想象的简单得多,Samish Kash几个月前雇用了我们保护他,他不想用通常的大块头或者保安机器人,也不想让任何人知道。所以Floria就扮成助手,我就身着便装。这次开会,Samish嘱咐我们要格外小心,他是88号空间站联盟的粘合剂,没有他,联盟可能就会分裂,他是其他统治者都信任的人,他认为如果有人想控制空间站,一定会先对他下手。”Dane看起来心烦意乱,“他本来答应我们,会保持在我们视线范围内,却突然消失了,我追了上来,结果……”

"You found him dead?"

"Lying there," Dane said "Shot in the heart."

"And you saw nothing?"

"What does it matter?" Floria asked them. She had wiped her tears away and her face was pale. "He's dead."

Dane shook his head. "I was too late." He looked off into the trees. "I should have - " Dane stopped abruptly and squinted into the trees.

Without another word, Dane took off. He raced to his swoop hovering nearby in suspended mode. He leaped aboard and took off.

"Come on, Anakin," Obi-Wan said, spurting forward. "We'll have to follow on foot."

The trees were dense here, and Obi-Wan could see ahead that Dane was having trouble navigating between the trunks. He had to continually slow his speed. He was obviously chasing someone ahead of him on a swoop, which appeared and disappeared through the trees.

They gained on Dane, hurtling through the spaces between the trees. When they were meters away, Anakin leaped high to grab a tree branch. Using the momentum, he swung forward and dropped neatly on the back of Dane's swoop. The swoop lurched and careened toward a massive tree trunk. Dane let out a piercing yell. Calmly, Anakin stood on the back of the swoop and leaned forward to grab the controls. He steered away from the trunk, circled, and came back to Obi-Wan.

"He'll get away!" Dane cried.

"Who?" Obi-Wan asked.

"I don't know! But I think he killed Kash!" Dane cried breathlessly. "I don't know where I know him from, but I know him. He's a bounty hunter."

"Mind if we take over?" Obi-Wan asked Dane.

He jumped off the swoop. "Be my guest. Just be careful with my swoop!" he yelled after them as Anakin sent the engines screaming to maximum.

Suddenly, Obi-Wan wished he were driving.

The suspect glanced back once and saw they were still following. He chose a difficult route through the trees. The narrow spaces were hard to get through, especially at high speeds. Anakin flipped the swoop, turning constantly to come at the openings at the best angle, never slackening speed. He crashed through leaves and branches. They were gaining, but Obi-Wan was positive he'd lose an arm or an ear in the process.

"Do you think you could slow down?" Obi-Wan yelled over the sound of cracking twigs and the screaming engines.

"And miss all the fun?" Anakin asked, executing a quick left turn, flipping the swoop, then flipping it back again. Obi-Wan tried to find his breath.

The ground was rising sharply. The suspect pushed his speed. He careened through two trees, lost control, and the swoop flipped over and scraped the side of the next tree, sending the swoop spinning wildly. The assassin leaped off a moment before the swoop crashed into a large tree. He hit the ground and ran.

"We've got him now," Anakin said, gunning the engine.

Obi-Wan caught a blur of large brown spots speckling the tree trunks as they zoomed fast. A strange mold? he wondered. The spots had hairs that waved in the air like legs. They were legs, he realized.

Spiders. About the size of a small rodent animal. Obi-Wan had read about them in his briefing notes on the journey to Null. They weren't poisonous, but one had to watch out for their web.

"Anakin, watch out!"

Ahead the sunlight had just caught the silky threads of the giant web slung between the trees. The swoop hit it head-on. The web did not break. The reclumi species of spider had a web so strong it could stop a moving vehicle.

It did.














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