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Yoda's Hut 尤达的小屋



Located near a lagoon and a fearsome looking twisted tree in the swamps of Dagobah is a simple mud hut that housed the last known Jedi Master of old in the galaxy. It is a far cry from the towering spires of the Jedi Temple, but when the Jedi were slaughtered during the turbulent political changes that wracked the galaxy, such austerity is understandable.

Inside the hut, Yoda lived a simple existence. He had no items of technology, and instead relied on the wildnerness of Dagobah to provide him his needs. He would cook on an open fire, preparing meals from the surrounding plants, such as his rootleaf stew.

Growing near the hut is a twisted tree strong in the dark side of the Force. It is a domain of evil, though how it came to be this way is unknown. Beneath the tree's gnarled root system is a mysterious cave. When Jedi initiate Luke Skywalker entered the cave as part of his training, he experienced a chillingly surreal image.

In the dank cavern, an image of Darth Vader appeared before Luke, brandishing a lightsaber. The two dueled, their motions slow and dream-like. Skywalker succeeded in beheading the dark form. When the severed head landed at his feet, he saw its faceplate suddenly explode. There, behind the metal mask, was Luke's face. The terrifying image of Luke's possible future marked one of several failures during his training on Dagobah.


Years ago, during the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi insurrection, one of the fallen had escaped to Dagobah by commandeering a vessel piloted by smuggler Jorj Car'das. The Jedi Master Yoda tracked down the fugitive Jedi, and the two battled on the swamp planet. Yoda was victorious, and the dead Dark Jedi's hateful energies were absorbed into his surroundings.

A nearby tree which grew over a cave became a nexus, a concentration of the dark side. This domain of evil became a deciding factor in Yoda's choice of Dagobah as his refuge during the Empire's ascent. The dark energy of the tree, when viewed from a distance, cancelled out the light energy of Yoda, thus keeping him hidden for decades.

Dark side nexuses are a rare but not entirely unheard of occurrence. On the murky planet of Trinta, the insane Jedi Halagad Ventor's dark side spirit similarly corrupted a swampy cave. Ancient Sith worlds such as Korriban, Ruusan and Yavin 4 are said to contain similar concentrations.

Once within a dark side nexus, hallucinatory images are common. Luke Skywalker experienced a vision of a possible future when he entered the tree during his Jedi training. Years later, when he returned to Dagobah after the Empire's fall, he saw an alternate past. A vision of the sail barge battle over the Great Pit of Carkoon revealed to him that a Force-sensitive agent was present at that event. He would later learn that it was Mara Jade.


Like Obi-Wan Kenobi's simple hovel on Tatooine, Yoda's hut was meant to underscore a Jedi's minimalist outlook. Yoda and Ben both seem to have eschewed material possessions and the clutter found elsewhere in the galaxy. Initial sketches of Yoda's hut had it appear more rounded and mosque-like -- sort of like a church of the swamps, complete with stained glass or gem windows.

Before construction began on the hut, small clay models were fashioned to figure out lighting and camera angles in the cramped quarters. Also, the actions of the characters in the hut -- Luke and Yoda -- needed to be blocked out in advance so that it could be determined how much mobility Frank Oz and his puppeteering assistants required.
在开始建造小屋前,工作人员制作了小型泥塑模型,以确定光源和摄影机在狭小空间内的角度 。而且,人物——卢克和尤达——在小屋中的动作要预先规划,以便决定弗兰克·奥兹及其木偶操纵助手的动作幅度。



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