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[电影] [访谈]凯瑟塔(Caserta)记者招待会(2000年9月6日)









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Echoing a similar question-and-answer session held in 1997 during the making of Episode I, director George Lucas and producer Rick McCallum held a press conference in the Royal Palace at Caserta, Italy. Caserta doubled as Queen Amidala's home in The Phantom Menace, and will again form part of the Naboo background to be seen in Episode II.

Here is a transcript of today's conference:

Q: How many days are you here?

George Lucas: We are supposed to be shooting here for two days. We have been in Italy for a little over a week. We have been in the north, around Lake Como.

Q: Who are the actors in this movie?

George Lucas: It's going to be about the same as it was last time, minus Liam Neeson, with the addition of Hayden Christensen.

Q: This film is shot in the digital format. Do you think that physical actors will disappear from this kind of movie, giving way to digital actors made with computers?

George Lucas: The advance of cinema into the digital world is just a normal transition that is taking place in the world of cinema. Just as we went from silent films to sound films and then eventually from black and white films to color films, this is a transition and an addition of the tools we use to create our art. It is very much like the transition from fresco painting to oil painting. Fresco painting was very difficult and it demanded a lot of people to be involved, a lot of technology in terms of learning how to mix color, and what color they were going to dry into. It was a very difficult process for the artist. Oils were invented to free the artist up to work outside, to come back tomorrow and paint some more over what he had already painted, if he changed his mind, and to know that the color he was using was going to stay that way. So it didn't mean that frescoes were less an art, it just simply meant that we had progressed into another whole realm of technology that allowed artists to express themselves.

The role of actors in this new medium is exactly the same as it was in past mediums of black and white films and silent films and the photochemical process of film. The issue that comes up sometimes about using a digital actor, is people forget that acting is an art form. You can't just take the likeness of a human being and make them act, no matter how you do it, it takes actors. It takes actors to do the voice, it takes actors to do the animation, it takes actors to create the characters. I see digital technology as being a boon for actors and giving more work to more actors, rather than replacing actors.

George Lucas and Giovanna Melandri, Minister of Culture for Italy.

Q: What are the scenes you are going to shoot here in Caserta?

George Lucas: What we are shooting here in Caserta are the same palace scenes that we shot in Episode I. They had a very advanced society that was rich in culture that we have modeled after Italy. This is the palace of the queen but in this case the queen is an elected official.

Q: How are things changing regarding the sound as the picture is evolving to the digital system?

George Lucas: I have found sound to be a very important part of the movie process. I am a student and advocate of silent film. I became very fascinated with the relationship between sound and picture and the emotional effect it can have. I think digital sound and better quality sound and picture is very important to the cinema experience.

Q: What can you tell us about the location in Como?

George Lucas: Well primarily we were interested in the beautiful gardens of Como. We shot on some various locations of villas. It was really, again, a part of this planet of Naboo that we have created and it is incredibly beautiful up there. There are many places here in Italy that are unlike any place else in the world. It is not just the natural beauty that we are looking for, it also cultivated beauty of the culture.

Q: What do you think the audience would feel watching this movie?

George Lucas:Star Wars is a human saga and about the struggle that we have between what is good and what is evil and also deals with other more personal issues of growing up, and family, and politics. I have tried to bring together a lot of the ideas that have existed over the last few thousand years and put them into a new story primarily for young people, to understand the human heritage, not just of one particular country, the human heritage that we all share.

For choosing Caserta as an Episode II location, Lucas was given this gift of a globe depicting zodiac constellations, made by Mario Basile.

Q: How much does a movie like this cost?

George Lucas: The budget of this film is roughly the same as the last film that we did in that it is going to be about in the $115 million range. The last time we were able to bring it in for less money than what it was budgeted for. I am hoping that we can do the same thing this time.

Q: Do you believe in UFO's or other life in the universe?

George Lucas: The only thing I know for sure in life is that I don't know anything. I have an open mind to any possibilities. Scientifically we live in a very vast universe. I am convinced that there is other life in the universe. Whether or not it is intelligent, whether or not it has ever visited us is a completely open question.

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