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[飞船] “先驱者号”(Outrider)











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翻译:Midnight Falcon

Outrider “先驱者号”

26.7 meters long

Heavy laser cannons, concussion missile launchers


YT-2400 light freighter

Corellian Engineering Corporation


A modified freighter, the Outrider was just one of several vessels seen flying over the port city of Mos Eisley that fateful day Luke Skywalker left Tatooine.


A vessel almost as well known as the Millennium Falcon, and comparable in performance, the Outrider is a souped-up freighter used by brash smuggler Dash Rendar. A top-of-the-line vessel, Rendar grins when asked how he could afford it. "Not by clean living," was his favored response, or "let's just say I have an old and generous Twi'lek uncle who appreciates my transport services."

The exact details of how Dash acquired the Outrider have yet to be revealed, but he has hinted that a Twi'lek employer, impressed with his piloting skills, rewarded him with the new YT-2400. Dash had most of the original modifications done at the Byblos Starport Tower 214 by the talented Sullustan engineer Bolabo Hujaan. Like the Falcon, the Outrider has been modified well beyond factory specifications by Dash and his co-pilot, LE-BO2D9.

Hired by the Rebellion prior to the Battle of Hoth, Dash helped ferry in badly needed supplies to Echo Base. The Outrider was resting in Echo Base's hangar when the Imperials attacked, and Dash had to fight through a base crawling with Imperial snowtroopers and wild wampas before getting back aboard the Outrider. The ship served him well in avoiding the Imperial blockade of the Hoth system, and Dash and Leebo pushed her to the limits in the Hoth Asteroid Belt.

The Outrider flew point over the Imperial Enclave on the moon of Gall, the Millennium Falcon flying a close second. Dash led the crew of the Falcon to where Boba Fett had set down for repairs. Dash would later pilot the Outrider in a battle to secure the Imperial freighter Suprosa, and in a final conflict with Black Sun leader Prince Xizor over Coruscant. In that battle it appeared that Dash and Leebo were killed, and the Outrider destroyed, but it was a trick of perspective. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

A ship of smooth lines with a chrome finish, the Outrider shines with a dark gleam. It started life as a stock Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2400. With the trademark saucer-shape of all the YT-series, the Outrider had an aft-mounted engine bank topped by vent plates. Its port side housed the escape pod and docking hatch. Its starboard side featured the ship's cylindrical cockpit held in place by twin bracing arms. The aft end of the cockpit cylinder housed the ship's main escape pod, which seats six.

The Outrider is customized to be operated by Dash and his droid Leebo, although it can hold up to four additional passengers. Its cargo capacity is rated at 75 metric tons. When fully stocked, the ship can go for two standard months before requiring restocking of consumables.

Dash has replaced the standard YT-2400 engines with three stolen KonGar KGDefender military-grade ion engines liberated from the advanced engineering department of the Corulag Academy. A modified SoroSuub Griffyn/Y2TG hyperdrive gives the Outrider Class 0.75 hyperdrive performance. The Outrider's hyperdrive backup provides a Class 10 performance. The vessel is equipped with a highly illegal and highly effective sensors countermeasure/stealth package.

The vessel is armed with dorsal and ventral-mounted Dymek heavy laser cannons hand-modified by Rendar. They are turret-mounted on standard Corellian 1D servo mounts, and can be fired from either gunnery wells or the cockpit. Built into the main command pod is a pair of forward firing concussion missile launchers armed with a magazine of three missiles each.


With many people contributing to the Shadows of the Empire multimedia project, the Outrider, too, was developed by many people, and in many sources. For instance, novel author Steve Perry would develop the basic story and the role Outrider had to fill, and artist Doug Chiang (separate from his involvement with the prequel trilogy) developed the look of the vessel.

The Nintendo-64 game of Shadows of the Empire featured a larger role for the Outrider, since it was the player's vessel. The attack on Xizor's Skyhook is the last level of the game, and reveals Dash, Leebo and the Outrider to have survived their apparent destruction.

The Kenner toy version of the Outrider is cosmetically different from the vessel it is based on. Firstly, due to scale limitations, the cockpit sits only one action figure. Secondly, an added play feature makes the Outrider quite similar to the B-wing fighter, with its cockpit and centerline being able to rotate around the rest of the saucer. The toy ship also has a port-mounted weapons pod, and is more yellow than chrome in color.

The Outrider is briefly glimpsed taking off from Mos Eisley in new footage added to the Special Edition of A New Hope.
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